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by Sierra Scale Models

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Natural weathering powders For years, Sierra Scale Models has tried different materials and techniques that enhance models through weathering processes.

We have arrived at what we think is the best, most efficient technique-- instant weathering powder pigments.  They are inexpensive and very easy to apply. The results are amazing!  We do not use concrete pigments.  Our pigments are measured in microns.

We offer powder pigments for different situations - Sierra Rust, Sierra Dust, Sierra Soot, Sierra Grime and Sierra New Rust. Primary weathering colors are also available (see below).

5 bags of Instant Weathering Powders for $6.49 (3/4 ounces each). Shipping costs will be added to each order.
4 bags of Primary Colors Weathering Powders for $5.95 (3/4 ounces each). Shipping costs will be added to each order.

To apply the powders, use a soft dry brush. First take the brush and barely touch the bristles into the colored powder. Then shake off any excess by tapping the brush.  Now, starting at the top of the structure, lightly brush from the top straight down to the bottom.  Do not brush sideways, as that's not the way gravity runs.  Vary the amount of weathering powders or even mix the colors by dipping a little from one bag, and then after brushing, dip a little from a different bag and overlap the colors to vary the effects.  Continued brushing causes the special additive to affix the powders into the weathered object, like a roof.  Remember your old art teacher's instructions, like blue and yellow make green for the north side of the rocks, and red and yellow make orange for rust, and red and blue make something that just looks strange.  Mix to your hearts delight and remember the world is a paint palette full of colors. For more information, read How to Weather with Chalks.


 Sierra Scale Models is owned and operated by Dave Barron, an NMRA Master Model Railroader. If you have questions about the products, send a message to David Barron.